Minimum order for brick and mortar stores is $ 400 and $600 for e-commerce only operations. Florida Sales Tax Certificate must be on file for customers located in the State of Florida. Furthermore a Saltwater Retail License and a Business License is required as well. Out of state customers need to provide a Business License in order to establish an account.

All orders must be paid prior to shipping and must be accompanied by a signed credit card authorization form. No exceptions! Acceptable payment methods are VISA, Master Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer. We DO NOT accept Amex.

Orders should be submitted before 12:00 pm eastern for same day ship out. Most days we will do our best to make an exception if the order is submitted between 12:01 and 12:45 but on days where our shipping schedule is full, the order will be scheduled for next business day ship out.

When an order is received and put into our system we will pre-charge a minimum of $400 to the card on file and charge the remainder before it is shipped out. In the event that the credit card declines for any reason we will contact you. If you cannot be reached the order will not be sent out. It is very important that we have a mobile telephone number on file. In the event that the order has to be unpacked, you are responsible for a 10% restocking fee or $ 100 (whichever is greater)

Box Charges:



Heat/ Ice Packs:

No Charge

Some fish are collected to order in which case a week’s lead time is required.

We cannot reserve specimens for more than 24 hrs, please schedule your shipment appropriately with your sales rep.

We ship airport to airport Monday – Thursday on all major carriers.

All airport to airport shipments are sent freight collect unless prior arrangements have been made (some airports will require prepayment at which point we will apply the charge to your invoice)

We ship Fedex Monday – Thursday.

Customer can request to use their Fedex account if they receive a better discount.




Live Arrival Policy:

Orders within the continental United States:

We guarantee live arrival IF the shipment is picked up in a timely manner (4 hours from arrival)

All claims must be made within 6 hours of receipt of shipment. If we do not hear from you we will assume that the order arrived in good condition and that there are no DOAs to claim.

A clear digital image of the specimen must be submitted along with a complete list of the losses incurred

Pictures submitted should be of good quality with the specimen visible inside the sealed bag.

DOAs will be replaced on the next order placed by customer.

If the specimen cannot be replaced a credit will be issued in its place and can be used for a similar item (Fish for fish, coral for coral, etc.)

DOA claims are reviewed at the discretion of Exotic Sealife management. We may ask for further information, i.e. temperature inside the box, system parameters, time of arrival vs. time of pick up, etc.

 We cannot be held responsible for loss of livestock after it has been put into the customers system.

In the event of losses due to airline delay or negligence, you are required file a claim with the carrier.

Livestock Health Guarantee:

All corals received at Exotic Sealife are dipped in either freshwater, Revive, Wash Off, Coral Rx, Iodine or receive multiple dips upon arrival. We try our best to make sure that pests are not introduced to our systems as well as yours but we strongly recommend that you dip all corals. We cannot be held responsible for any pests that may be introduced into your systems if you choose not to dip.

All fish that arrive at Exotic Sealife are medicated and/ or dipped. We use Nitrofurazone, Paragard, Quickcure, PraziPro and Kanamycin. We strive to send you healthy, eating fish that will sell quickly. Please practice proper QT and medication procedures, we cannot be held responsible for any illnesses fish develop while in your systems.

If you have any questions regarding medication or fish illness please feel free to contact us Mon-Fri 9 am- 5 pm eastern.

Fill Rate and Customer Agreements:

We strive to fill your order as close to 100% as possible. For the best fill rate Tues -Wed orders are suggested. There will be times when we do not have the items you request. In this case we will remove the items from your order NOT replace them with unwanted pieces. If the fill rate will be lower than 80% you will receive a call from one of our sales representative to inquire about any replacements you may want. We will usually call to confirm fill rate even if it is over 80%.

Exotic Sealife International retains the right to terminate accounts online or in store without notification to the customer. Please note, sharing confidential information such as passwords to weekly price lists, wholesale pricing to the public, special pricing, supplier information such as contact information from incoming shipments, price lists with competitors, private emails between you and sales representatives and or marketing emails are some examples of why your account may be terminated.

Weekly specials pertain to the week listed on the price list. No rain checks, no substitutions, no refunds, no exchanges. If you place your order on Monday before 5 pm (when our price list comes out) you will receive the specials from the previous week. We CANNOT apply specials from two price lists in one order. We also do not provide refunds after the new price list is uploaded onto the website. 

By submitting an order you agree to Exotic Sealife International’s policies and conditions.

It is the customer’s responsibility to periodically review the policy page and stay up to date with any changes that may occur. Updates to the policy page will be included via email.

If you have any questions about our policies please feel free to contact Alex Monday- Friday 9 am -5 pm via phone at 305-722-2220 or via the contact page HERE